Blogging Around 3/1-3/3

March 1, Zero Discrimination Day – what does that mean to you? Zero Discrimination Day aims to celebrate individuality, inclusion and human rights while promoting tolerance, compassion and peace. Discrimination refers to the selective practice of unfairly treating a person or a group of people differently than others due to multiple factors such as religion, gender, race, sexuality, age, or disability amongst others. Despite laws and education, discrimination continues to be a wide-spread problem throughout the world.

Ways to acknowledge the day…Print out a butterfly and post of photo of you holding it on SM. Butterflies of all colors can represent the beauty of diversity.

  • Use the hashtag #zerodiscrimination
  • Research the topic of bullying, learn the signs of bullying.
  • Donate to an organization that promotes equality.



March 3 is World Wildlife Day so get outside and commune with mother nature today. @UshersNewLook, we encourage all our students to embrace new experiences to become fluent, well-rounded adults that are the next generation of leaders. That can include balancing work and school life with an appreciation of nature.  #DoOneThingToday