Jasmine Pollard became involved in New Look in 2006 when she was in 9th grade. Today, she is a graduate of Georgia Southern University and is pursuing her spark as a professional singer. My Story: My name is Jasmine Pollard and my spark is singing! As a singer, I go by Lola Songstress. I began my journey with […]

Myles Harlan joined New Look’s Detroit chapter as a freshman in high school. Today, he is a Mogul in Training (MIT) in his Junior year at Vanderbilt University. Here are #5Looks at his New Look journey: My name is Myles-Amir Harlan, and my spark is being an Oboist. Usher’s New Look enhanced my confidence and […]

Mark Galbo is the founder of the Rock & Roll Academy. On Wednesday, November 11th Mark provided helpful insights on new and emerging curriculum when he participated in New Look’s panel discussion, led by UNL President Shawn Wilson, at the National Dropout Conference in Atlanta. “I just had the honor of sharing the stage with Shawn Wilson, […]

“You can’t begin to look for opportunities until you know what’s out there,” said Corey Montgomery, a sales strategist from Microsoft, to a classroom of Atlanta youth on Friday. “I’ve been in your shoes as a kid in inner-city Detroit, and I want you to know– anything you want to do– it’s doable. You just […]