On Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2015, we will be announcing one of our BIGGEST projects yet! The only two hints we can give you is that it has to do with “Spark” and we’re going to need you to help us #StartTheSpark. Get more clues about what “Start the Spark” means below in this interview with our President, Yvette Cook! […]

  Meet Destiny! I started going to the New Look program in the beginning of ninth grade. My spark is acting. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved being on stage. When I was in plays, I felt like I could escape and go into my own little world and be me for […]

This week, UNL Atlanta high school Leadership Academy students were gathered at UNL headquarters and started talking about what happened this past weekend in Paris. They had a lot to say about Isis and what to do with refugees who want to come to the United States. They had some strong viewpoints, but they were all pretty much on […]

Meet Donte! I first joined Usher’s New Look when I was a freshman at Golda Meir High School. When I joined I wasn’t sure what my spark was, but Usher’s New Look soon helped me realize that my spark was not only being an athlete but also being able to help others and show them […]

At orientation for the Usher’s New Look Atlanta Leadership Academy, President & CEO, Yvette Cook, asked high school students ‘Why are you here?’ This is what they had to say. Thank you to our each guest speaker who spoke on our four pillars panel! Talent, Entertainer QT Jazz Education, UNL Atlanta Senior Mogul in Training, Kamera Cobb Career, […]

This Thursday 11/12/15 is GA Gives Day, a statewide fundraiser for Georgia nonprofits! This year, our Georgia Gives Day Goal is Simple: YOUTH OVER EVERYTHING, or YOE as we like to call it. Our goal is to raise more money, so we can serve more youth. Specifically, since this is a crowdfunding day for Georgia nonprofits, we will be fundraising […]

Update! Usher’s New Look has been selected as an organization that will be highlighted in the White House’s Next Generation High School Summit. Tune in Tuesday 11/10/15 at 9am EST for the live stream. Tune into social throughout the live webcast by following hashtag #NextGenHS. We will be announcing our 2016 commitments to making high school graduation […]

Have you heard about ‘The New Look Effect’? Have you felt it? Get to know the powerful impact UNL is having on youth through the eyes of Atlanta 11th grader, DenisèAnn Shields! Meet DenisèAnn! I first joined the Usher’s New Look family in October of 2014, and my “spark” is entertainment. I do anything from dancing, singing, acting to playing […]

The UNL New York Leadership Academy is off to a great start after an epic orientation in Brooklyn! This was the first session for UNL’s new New York Program Coordinator, Shanice Clarke, a former intern for Usher’s New Look and Get Schooled! Jeremy Dominguez, a member of UNL since 2010 when he was a freshman in high school, took […]