New Look helps high school students enter whichever career pathway matches their spark, or passion. From science and technology, to business and the arts, students are free to choose whatever “sparks” them. For many students, this is music and entertainment. However, most students do not know the multitude of careers available to them to be […]

At New Look, we connect our students with the best mentors in the business. We call them our network of spark-starters; Personal brand-ambassadors. These are the people who invest in our students and guide them towards the career field of their choice. James Andrews is one of these people. A former record executive, turned social media/culture/tech […]

Simon Sinek is an author, optimist and celebrity TED Talks speaker, whose passion is to help individuals discover their “why”, much like New Look helps youth identify their “spark”, or purpose, early on. Similar to UNL, Sinek holds a bold goal of building a movement towards a world in which the vast majority of people go […]

Pablo Picasso once said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose is to give it away.” At New Look, we help teens identify their SPARK, or gift, and turn it into a greater purpose by using it to give back to the world. It’s incredible to meet adults who believe in […]

This week, we’re kicking off #MogulMonday! Each Monday, you’ll get the chance to learn more about the college students of our Moguls in Training program. Most of these students, who attend colleges across the country, have matriculated into the Moguls in Training program after being members of our high school Leadership Academies in Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit and New York. However, […]

Kamera Cobb is an alumni of the Usher’s New Look Leadership Academy and a graduate of Georgia State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Early on Kamera discovered her passion for event planning. Through Usher’s New Look, Kamera has interned with WME Events, Chelsea Floral Designs and has competed in the Women’s Entrepreneurship […]

Thank You for Sparking the Next Generation!  Click here to view photos from the event Presented by GE Wednesday, September 14, 2016 The Stave Room, Atlanta, GA The Start the Spark Experience was a high-energy, experiential, and innovative new take on our annual Signature Event. Through an upbeat evening format, New Look’s best friends and supporters gathered […]