2nd Year Detroit MIT, Elizabeth, Performs at GVSU’s Cafe Mahogany

Even after New Look youth become Moguls in Training and move onto their individual colleges, they continue to share their talent and service in their new communities. We enjoy hearing updates from our MITs about how they are representing New Look across the country.

Second year Detroit MIT, Elizabeth Williams was recently featured on the front page of the Grand Valley Lanthorn newspaper after her performance at Grand Valley State University’s Cafe Mahogany event.  Put on by the Black Student Union, the event featured poets, performers, dancers and a comedian. The art showcase brought together minority students in an all-inclusive environment of expression. The packed venue was set up to look like a café, with tables facing the stage and a dimly lit room allowing for complete immersion into the pieces that were performed. Themes of the performance pieces ranged from love to hip hop to racism. “The event touched on social issues and gave an opportunity for youth to express their talents,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth performed a song called ‘Not Tonight’ by Elle varner. She selected the song, “to display how a woman is sometimes expected not to approach a man she’s interested in.” Elizabeth explains, “Sometimes you miss out on meeting a guy you like because you have too much pride to say hello to a guy first. This song displays the emotions of women that are not usually displayed in the media.”

Read more about the event here http://www.lanthorn.com/article/2013/11/lakerlife-cafe-mahogany