520 Students Trained in Milwaukee Powered by Service!

April 20-22, UNL facilitated three days of Powered by Service leadership trainings for over 500 middle school students in Milwaukee, WI;  210 students at Lincoln Center for the Arts, 150 students at Golda Meir, and 160 students at Roosevelt Middle School. Click on the hyperlink to learn more about our 4-6 hour Powered by Service training curriculum.

Ten current UNL high school students, members of our Milwaukee Leadership Academy, were selected to earn their red shirts and train other students in our curriculum for the first time. Each of the 500 students trained will have the opportunity to be referred by their school administrators to apply for the UNL Milwaukee Leadership Academy as 9th graders next year. Check out these quotes from our peer-trainers who facilitated the trainings below!

“The students who received our training learned principles of leadership such as networking, branding and how to ‘explode the issue’ in order to bring forth positive change in the community. Students were eager to find out how they could sign up for the Usher’s New Look Academy as freshmen in high school.” -UNL Peer Trainer, Aniah Carter (UNL Milwaukee Leadership Academy Student)2016-Milwaukee PBS April- (32)

“The students were extremely receptive to the curriculum and were asking us to bring the Powered by Service training to other schools in their area as well.” -Jasmine Elliott, UNL Peer Trainer (UNL Atlanta College Student)

2016-Milwaukee PBS April- (9)