#5Looks with Atlanta MIT Tommy Springer!

Tommy first got involved with New Look by attending New Look’s 2 week camp in 2006. That’s where he discovered his spark for video and photography! Today Tommy is about to graduate from the Art Institute of Atlanta. This past summer he completed his second internship with Cartoon Network and just recently became New Look’s Atlanta Program Coordinator. Here are #5Looks at his New Look journey!

tommy day 3Meet Tommy

Hi, My name is Tommy Springer, code name “Colli Park” and I am a MIT with Usher’s New Look program. I joined New Look in 2006 with the dreams of one day being Usher’s drummer. My sparks are Music and Video Production. My love for music brought me to New Look, and through my involvement, I discovered my spark in Video Production. Check out this throwback video from Camp New Look here, when I first got to tour Turner Broadcasting as a Jr. High Student. Who would’ve known I would be interning at Turner seven years later. Thanks to opportunities provided to me by New Look like this one, I’ve gained experience in the Video Production field that takes most people years after graduating college to achieve.

Tommy Before New Look ImageBefore New Look

Before New Look, I was kid in the band that didn’t know which direction I wanted to go in life. I had the full support of my family to go out and follow my passion, but it wasn’t until I joined UNL that I knew how to go about turning my hobbies into a career path.

My New Look

Thanks to UNL, I’ve done many things that once seemed unachievable to me. My senior year in high school I was flown out to Hollywood, CA to direct a music video for Usher in a video competition. As an MIT and now Program Coordinator, I have trained hundreds of youth across the country in different cities such as Atlanta, New York, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles. In 2012, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa to train youth and while there I was able to film Usher during his sold out performance in there. This year, I was able to intern in video production at Turner Broadcasting for Cartoon Network. These experiences taught me many things, but the greatest lesson I learned was that I can be a leader no matter what situation I’m placed in.Turner Intern

My Future

I am currently enrolled at the Art Institute of Atlanta studying Digital Film-making. I produce music, and direct & edit videos under my company “Feets McCoy”. My goal is to continue to build my brand so that I’m able to provide jobs for others in the entertainment field while mentoring youth who want to one day do the same.

Thank you New Look

Thank you New Look for showing me how to utilize my spark, providing me with the opportunities to put my spark to work, and for being there whenever I needed advice or an example of how to be of service to those around me. Bill Gates once said, “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” I will continue to show my gratitude for New Look by helping create more youth leaders in my new role as Atlanta Program Coordinator.

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