#5Looks with UNL Atlanta’s Jasmine Pollard!

Jasmine Pollard became involved in New Look in 2006 when she was in 9th grade. Today, she is a graduate of Georgia Southern University and is pursuing her spark as a professional singer.

Jasmine Performs at World Leadership Awards
My Story: My name is Jasmine Pollard and my spark is singing! As a singer, I go by Lola Songstress. I began my journey with New Look in 2006. Participating in New Look’s leadership programs, activities, & events helped strengthen my confidence in my vocals!
Before I got involved in New Look nobody expected me to graduate from high school, let alone college. My father was absent and my mom had me at the age of 13. I was the oldest of 9 siblings, so I had to grow up very fast. When it came to showing my talent to others, I couldn’t sing for an audience with my eyes open. Now I sing purposefully with my eyes wide open to see all the opportunities New Look has placed in front of me.
Jasmine Growing Up
My New Look: For as long as I can remember all I’ve ever wanted to do was sing. However, before New Look I didn’t know anything about being an artist– except for being on a stage. Since my involvement in New Look I’ve learned about copyrights, publishing, songwriting,  recording in a professional studio and even performing behind the man himself– Usher Raymond. I even got the opportunity to intern at General Electric summer of my Junior year and was able to learn so much about marketing and public relations. I feel like my exposure to the behind the scenes aspect of the music industry has prepared my dreams to take flight. I currently have a weekly gig performing at T.I’s restaurant, Scales 925, in Atlanta.
Listen to Jasmine sing on her YouTube Channel, here!

Jasmine Performing with UR at World Leadership AwardsMy Future:
My ultimate goal is to become a professional recording artist, and to one day join the elite ranks of the eleven individuals who have earned an Oscar, Grammy, Tony, and Emmy for their talents. New Look has instilled in me the purpose of service. In 2015, I received the UNL Global Youth Leadership Award, which is given to one young person each year. Without giving back all of my accomplishments would mean nothing, so I plan to build a shelter for abuse victims that focuses on building and sustaining healthy relationships, career planning, and healthy lifestyle choices. Most currently I am working on a service project for my birthday. Instead of gifts, I am asking my friends and family to make donations to a local women’s shelter in Atlanta.
Thank you New Look: To say thank you would be an understatement so I continue to show my appreciation for everything New Look has done for me by continuing to be an example of our mission. Hopefully one day I can open someone else’s eyes the same way New Look did for me.
Usher & Usher's New Look Celebrates 15th Anniversary At The President's Circle Awards Luncheon
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