#5Looks with Atlanta’s Malia Murray!

Malia Murray joined UNL in 2005 by registering for Camp New Look in Atlanta the summer before she entered 9th grade. Today she is a graduate of the University of Georgia pursuing a career as a Social Media Director.

Meet Malia!

My Story: My first New Look memory was registering for camp in 2005 at Clark Atlanta in Atlanta, GA. I was already nervous
because this was the summer before high school and I was also nervous because I didn’t know if I was going to know anyone at camp. Then I ended up meeting 2-3 people who were going to my high school that Fall.  I’m still close friends with Rashad, Brandon and Vanecia who I met those first years of camp.

5Looks with Malia Murray! My New Look: I wouldn’t say that New Look helped me discover my spark. I knew my spark was helping people prior to New Look. However, New look helped me to see other ways of helping people. They helped me to think more creatively and to think bigger. New Look also helped me to take action on the goals that I want to achieve. I am a creative mind and I am good a helping people build their ideas and fulfill them. I’m also a good speaker, a good leader and a good dancer ( I used to take dance classes and cheer). New Look has helped me to improve my public speaking skills and my ability to lead my peers. I’m just so driven now. I want to keep working harder and achieving things that the world hasn’t seen!

New Look has given me empowerment! My “New Look” is that I achieve everything that I set my mind to. I have the tools, resources, and capability to achieve anything I desire. Through New Look, I have learned how important it is to take action NOW and achieve what I want! Why wait? If I have an idea now, no matter how big or small, I act on it and try to achieve it! Because I don’t want to be the person that says “what if”. That’s not who I am. I’m going to be a person that says “wow, I’m glad I took initiative! I’m glad I’m accomplishing my dreams!”

Malia at Clinton Global Initiative!

Favorite UNL Memory: I have SO MANY New Look memories!! One of my favorite memories was attending the Destiny’s Child dress rehearsal in 2005. We were able to see how much work goes into creating a huge show at Phillips Arena! It was amazing! Another favorite many was in 2009. I was able to have a meeting with the inventor of the Flip Cam at the Clinton Global Initiative and tell him why we love his camera and how much we use it at our conferences! We were able to work out a deal with them to have Flip Cams donated to all New Look members! One more of my favorite memories was MC-ing the 2012 World Leadership Awards! I was so nervous! But right before I went on stage Usher told me good luck and that I would be just fine! Afterwards he told me I did an excellent job! That meant so much! Last but not least, in 2009 I was able to launch Powered By Service with New Look and President Bill Clinton Announced ME on stage! That was an amazing moment in my life!

My Future: My career plans have expanded x100 since I’ve joined New Look! Before joining UNL, I just wanted to be an A&R Director at a major label. But now I want to own and run everything. I have so many more talents! And I have configured a way to put everything I like into something that will be cool and unique! I’ve learned SO much and I’ve been exposed to SO much through New Look! I interned with GE, I launched PBS with New Look at the Clinton Global Initiative, I’ve done so many interviews on national television networks, and even press conferences! New Look has trained me to takeover the world…and I think I’m ready. I want to keep working as a Social Media Director and in a couple of years I want to launch my own company. Through my company I will help my clients in my own unique way in the areas of entertainment, sports and philanthropy! I want to continue to work with New Look to help future academy members! I want to help develop fun and unique programs for them! I want to connect them with even more people! (and I’m already doing this!) Also, in the future I plan to create my own foundation!

Thank You New Look! I want to thank New Look for helping me to become an even greater person! My life has been enhanced so much! I have had opportunities that I wouldn’t have received ANYWHERE ELSE. Thank you for introducing me to my mentor, Mrs. Anne, who I know I will have a bond with FOR LIFE. Thank you for helping me grow and see life from another view. Thank you for challenging me to achieve greater things. Thank you for helping me to realize I have the power to achieve whatever I set my mind to. THANK YOU.

Congrats on your graduation Malia! – From your New Look Family