#5Looks with Detroit MIT DeMante Baldwin!

DeMante Baldwin joined the New Look family his senior year of high school during the summer of 2011. Today he is a sophomore at Grand Valley State University. Here are #5Looks at his journey through New Look’s programs!

My Story: My name is DeMante Baldwin. My first New Look Memory is being 5Looks with DeMante Baldwin!given my nickname– ‘Sketch’  because I can draw well, a New Look tradition for incoming participants, after being accepted into the Detroit UNL family my senior year of high school. New Look helped me identify my spark thoroughly and enhanced my confidence in the process. My spark is singing, accompanied by guitar playing.

One of my defining New Look memories was when I got to perform an original song while travelling to Atlanta with my New Look family at the 2012 New Look World Leadership Conference . This warmed my heart. We wrote the song on the 18 hour drive from Detroit to Atlanta and performed it perfectly while there. Watch our performance here.

#5Looks with DeMante Baldwin!Before New Look, I believed that there was nothing in Detroit worth staying for; I wanted to leave the city for good. However, I had (and still have) a philosophical outlook on life. I believed in the principal of Karma and I still do. I believed in taking everything one step at a time and calmly. I also believed in asking questions, detailed questions, to get the clearest answers possible. Before New Look, I had a dream of being a professional Rockstar. I planned to go to college, major in music, and graduate with a masters in music, that way no one could question my talent as a musician. I am not a first generation college student from my family, but I surely will not be the last.

My New Look:  New Look has given me a better outlook on life.  After joining DeMante Baldwin- My New LookNew Look, my love for my city of Detroit was rekindled and I had more than enough reasons to stay. New Look gave me goals to aim for, people to inspire and ears that actually listened. My New Look is the morals that I follow to lead my life. With the help of New Look, I created a set of morals that I believe make me a better and more desirable person to work with and be around.

My thoughts can be summed up in a few personal quotes of mine:

  1. Sometimes in order to succeed you must fail, and in order to fail, you must succeed
  2. When Life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Peel the lemons and eat them whole.
  3. Make the best out your time now, that way you can have something to compare it to later in life.
  4. Smile! Anger kills you faster.
  5. Who I am isn’t defined by the things I’ve accumulated, but rather by the things that I’ve done.

My Future: My current and future goals are to continue through college and graduate at GVSU with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. I also plan to continue learning Japanese with the hope that I can one day be proficient enough to be considered fluent. I’ve even begun incorporating Japanese into my music. Eventually I’d like to write a whole album in Japanese. Listen here!

DeMante Baldwin- My New LookI plan to continue with my music, not as a goal, but as a medium for my beliefs and passions. My current goals are to make the most of life and unlock my full potential. Since Joining New Look, my goals have changed slightly. Instead of becoming a professional musician, I now want to be a speaker for an international corporation, a public relations representative for a celebrity, or an informational and motivational speaker.

Thank you New Look:  I want to thank New Look for giving me the opportunity to discover who I am, as well as spread who I am to others. I intend to use this opportunity to motivate others to go out and live life, so that they may find their passion and become happier day by day.