#5Looks with Detroit MIT Elizabeth Williams!

5Looks with Elizabeth WilliamsMeet Elizabeth:  I got involved with New Look in the summer of 2011. My sister Rebecca Williams told me about the organization and used to come home on Saturday afternoons and tell me about the amazing opportunities to volunteer and help out the community. Ever since she joined, I’ve always wanted to be a part of New Look, so in the in the eleventh grade I took the opportunity to join the New Look family. My longing to become a part of an organization that shined as a beacon of hope for not only Detroit, but also this country made me feel connected to my community on a deeper level. My sister is also another main reason for my interest. She paved the way for many New Look youth with her strong passion for youth leadership and professionalism. If it wasn’t for my sister I would have never discovered New Look.

Before New Look- Elizabeth Williams

 Before New Look: I had much insecurity and doubt about what mark I wanted to make on the world. I had no support system besides family when it came to my talents. I had no sense of outlet to out pour my talents, nor did I have like-minded friends to help support my visions.

 My New Look:  Usher’s ideals of community involvement and his love for this organization are displayed through people like me. My spark is vocal performance and music writing. What can I say about my New Look experience that didn’t’t involve me using my talent to access opportunities with vocal performance? New Look is my inspiration and gave me a sense of performance swag and confidence while on stage. I can think back to a life changing experience, my first Expressions in Atlanta in 2011 when DougE Fresh the entertainer was the emcee. I performed a piece called “The Boy from Ipanema” and as a high school jazz performer I was so nervous but, through it all New Look supported me and clapped as I sang. This organization has taught me to how to have confidence in my craft no matter what. My “new look” experience has been monumental. Many important people made that possible, including my Detroit coordinator, Jarvis Brown, and many other members of my Detroit family. Usher Raymond is always the glue that holds the New Look experience together.

Elizabeth Williams- My New LookWords I Live ByLove, passion, tears are necessary in growth and success only comes when you realize to embrace your insecurities. Pain will make you stronger and success will make room for you.

My Future: Usher’s New Look is the inside access to many networks and connections I’ve gained over the span of my high school and college years. When I joined New Look in 2011, I was a girl with a lot of dreams who did not have the opportunity to express my talents in a group or an organization. Usher Raymond IV allotted me that opportunity to make my mark on society a New Look one. Everything in my education and career is a result of what New Look and my supportive family have taught me and supplied me with over the years.
Additionally, participating in UNL has opened my eyes to real world problems and how to solve them with service. Did you know there are places in the world where students have no books to learn from at all? In the future, my sister Rebecca and I would like to start a book fundraiser to help promote literacy in these places. Usher and New Look have instilled the four leadership pillars in my everyday grind in life. All four pillars connect me to the success in life I desire. Everyday I see life as an adventure to take on. I’ve definitely gained a new outlook on life.

Thank You New Look: