#5Looks with Milwaukee MIT Ammon Lyle

Ammon Lyle joined New Look in 2010 when he was first starting high school. Today he is a freshman at Howard University studying finance. Here are #5Looks at his New Look journey!

Meet Ammon Lyle!Meet Ammon! Hello My name is Ammon Lyle and I’m a freshman finance major, attending Howard University. I joined New Look in 2010. My spark is speaking. New Look helped me enhance my spark by providing me with opportunities to speak in front of youth who wanted to make changes in their communities. This allowed me to gain confidence and learn how to appear to diverse audiences.

Before New Look:  My outlook on life was very bleak. I did not imagine that I would be going to college. I did not think about my future. Growing up in a single parent home, watching my mom suffer a divorce, and facing homelessness challenged my spirit. I lost hope for a successful future and gave up. I did not have a model of success to follow, because none of my other siblings went to college. Life was definitely rough.

Ammon, Before New LookMy New Look: My New Look is… I just earned a 4.0 during my first semester at Howard University! New Look made me realize that regardless of your circumstances, you can still change the world by inspiring others with your story. Everyone has something special that they can use to be heard, to spark change. New Look helps identifies socio-economic problems that are overlooked in our communities. It gives us the chance to invest in our communities so we can all reach greatness. I have had amazing opportunities through New Look. I was able to; shadow the President of New Look, Shawn Wilson, and the Vice President of Local Affairs at We-energies, Thelma Sias, receive an internship with We-energies, attend two World Leadership conferences in Atlanta, go to New York and look at the Federal Reserve, and fly to LA to receive the UNCF-Usher Raymond IV four year college scholarship from Usher at the BET UNCF awards. Although, these opportunities are incredible, the best thing New Look has given me is the chance to give back to my community and inspire youth to want change, using Powered by Service trainings. To know that there is hope for the future, makes me work ten times harder.

My New Look- Ammon LyrleMy Future: My goals are to graduate from Howard University Summa Cum Laude, and matriculate into a prestigious graduate school MBA program. I’m currently working to obtain my Bachelors in Business Administration, with a concentration in finance. I am interested in rebuilding educational systems for minorities, and removing the socio-economic disparities that are found in our society. One day, I hope to see that race is not something connoted as a difference, but something that makes us more similar. We all have lineage and ancestry to be proud of. The best way to ensure this is by uplifting youth in my community to embrace their voice, and speak up.

 My Future- Ammon LyleThank you New Look: I would like to thank New Look for providing professional development and networking opportunities, as well as a platform for us to use our voice to identify socioeconomic problems within our communities, as well as creating solutions for them together. What I’ve learned is problems in Milwaukee such as gun violence, teen pregnancy and racism are not just in Milwaukee– it’s in Milwaukee, Detroit, New York, Atlanta, and L.A as well. We can collaborate and create solutions together because we are the future and it’s our job to change the nation and the world. We are all human, and if nobody’s free, nothing is going to change. So New Look, for this lesson I thank you.