#5Looks with Milwaukee MIT Angellic Ross!

Angellic Ross joined New Look four years ago when she was a Junior in HS. Today, she is an upcoming Junior at Northwestern University working towards a major in Performance Studies. Her New Look experience has been one very exciting journey! Here are #5Looks with Angellic!


Meet Angellic!

I’m Angellic Ross and I’m an upcoming Junior at Northwestern University.  My road to New Look was a journey. My freshman year I found out about Camp New Look, but it was after the application deadline so I was unable to join. But I still really wanted to participate in the program, so I would volunteer with their different service projects.  When I became a junior I was finally able to join the program through the New Look Academy.

Before joining New Look, I considered my spark writing and acting. Although I still love doing both of these things, I credit New Look for helping me find an even greater spark: organizing. Through New Look I was able to organize a day long arts workshop for youth in Milwaukee. The skills I learned from that not only made me love organizing, but I continued to use those skills in high school and now in college as president of my Sorority’s chapter.

Before New Look

Before New Look Angellic

I remember the Christmas of 2006 like it was yesterday. My mother, brother, and I had just driven from Colorado to Milwaukee, ready to move back into our childhood home; only to find it flooded with $30,000 in damages. $30,000 we did not have.  Before then I had a pretty good childhood, but after that day we struggled financially and at times emotionally. We didn’t have the best of things and let’s face it, kids at that age can be mean. Despite that, my Mom always provided me with love and support in all my endeavors.  She taught me to value important things such as good character, intelligence, carrying myself with respect, and supporting and giving back other people. She’s my biggest role model.

Although I’m a first generation college student, college was always an option. Because of my financial situation and background I knew I had to work harder so that I could get accepted into a great school and get scholarships. This may sound a little weird, but as a child I wanted to be just like Oprah. She was a journalist and an actress, so I wanted to be a journalist and actress. She was a big philanthropist; I wanted to be a big philanthropist. As I got older, I realized that I obviously can’t be Oprah. However, I still want to be as much of a role model as she is and have an impact like she has. I let go of my journalism dreams, but I still have a real passion for acting and film. I hope to take the industry by storm one day.

Angellic My New LookMy New Look

New Look has helped me develop in so many ways. I think the most important things I’ve learned from New Look is self-confidence and my true passions. I’ve always been a good student and hard-worker, but New Look helped me divert that hard work and passion into things I care about: acting, film, and service. They’ve also provided me with the opportunities to develop as a leader. I’ve gotten to learn what it means to be a national and global leader through my travels to Washington D.C., Shanghai, and Hong Kong. This past summer I had the once in a lifetime chance to intern at GE Healthcare in their Communications Department. It’s hard to put my experience in words because it was truly invaluable. I got to develop my skills as a videographer with the added bonus of learning what it’s like to work in the corporate world while giving back to the Milwaukee community.

I love that New Look teaches us not only to find our passions and be successful, but to share our success with the people around us. You can’t walk through a door of opportunity then close it for the people behind you. That’s not what leaders do. Leaders leave an impact; good leaders leave an impact and teach others how to leave one too.

My FutureAngellic My Future

Currently I’m a Performance Studies major with a Certificate in Civic Engagement.  I have a lifetime goal to leave a mark in the arts. I want to be an actress, but I also want to start a company that focuses on putting more minorities on and off the screen. Under that, I want to have a non-profit arts program that develops young actors and filmmakers. I’m also interested in studying and researching the effects popular culture has on youth identity development.

I definitely plan to continue giving back after graduation. As a child I had role models, so being a role model and providing role models for youth is very important to me. I hope to give back through my non-profit in the future, but I also plan to be a mentor myself.

Thank You New Look!