#5Looks with Myles Harlan

Myles Harlan joined New Look’s Detroit chapter as a freshman in high school. Today, he is a Mogul in Training (MIT) in his Junior year at Vanderbilt University. Here are #5Looks at his New Look journey:

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My name is Myles-Amir Harlan, and my spark is being an Oboist. Usher’s New Look enhanced my confidence and taught me to embrace my spark.

My Story: Bullying comes in many shapes and forms. At the hands of a band director, school principal, and school administration, I was a victim of being bullied. It was very difficult for me to be in a high school where I couldn’t receive help or support from anyone. I was friendless and lonely, and as a result my confidence suffered. However, my strong, loving mother was always there fighting for me every step of the way. But, what I didn’t know was that my life would somehow become a “story” that has touched a few people in my life and would be aired on Detroit Public TV. This would’ve never happened if it weren’t for the special people in my life who helped me along the way. In fact, if it wasn’t for John Madison (Dean of the former Sphinx Prep Program), I would not be a member of Usher’s New Look today. myles2

My “New Look”: Usher’s New Look has provided me with the tools I need to become the impactful leader that I’ve always dreamed of. Usher’s New Look not only taught me to share my ideas for change, but to also believe in them. Today, I am driven and motivated to turn my dreams into reality, as well as to help and encourage others. I am a junior at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee majoring in Oboe Performance and Economic Studies. My educational career is just as important to me as my musical career, therefore I spend just as much time studying as I do practicing my “voice.”
Favorite UNL Memory:  In 2011 at the World Leadership Conference, I performed “Baby” by Justin Bieber on my oboe during expressions. I was 15 years old, and this performance helped my confidence, which was still being developed. Watch my first performance here. Ever since, I have been performing with New Look at various events including 2015 OPPI Fest in NYC and the United to Ignite Awards for UNL’s 16th year anniversary.
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My Future: I find it very interesting to talk about my future, as the code name I was given when I was accepted into Usher’s New Look was, “The Future.” My goal is to be a commercially successful Oboist who breaks down the barriers for what classical instruments and musicians can do, as well as break down barriers for what classical musicians “should” look like. I would love to one day be featured as an oboist on a “pop” record. I hope to receive numerous Grammy’s for my music, and most importantly pay it forward by helping and mentoring youth, just as much as I’ve been helped and mentored. I hope to be the impact and inspiration that others have been to me. I want to work towards creating an equal, embracing world, especially when it comes to national education.

Check out my music on my SoundCloud here.

Thank You, New Look!