#5Looks with UNL Atlanta Mogul in Training, Terez Chapman!

Meet Terez! 

Hi my name is Terez Chapman and I am a freshman at Georgia College! I joined New Look my freshman year of high school and I hadn’t the slightest idea of just how deeply I’d be invested with New Look today. My spark is writing, poetry, and public speaking. Sharing my spark with my peers has allowed me to find different ways to keep them engaged. Adding different dimensions and layers to my craft helps me better understand how I can appeal to different audiences.Meet Terez

Before New Look

Before New look, I wasn’t sure how or what measures I would take towards achieving my childhood aspirations. In Junior High I had an idea of life that superseded normal expectations. I was going to leave my mark behind, change the world, and do it all before I turned fifty. Because of New Look, I know now that this is all definitely possible. My family situation was two other siblings with different daddies, and a single mom. What we understood was that she was our father as well as our world. We wanted nothing more than to make her proud.
Terez Before New Look

My ‘New Look Effect’

My eyes are now open and I’m ready to incorporate changes into my life. It’s all for the greater good of my future. I have been able to facilitate Powered By Service trainings (UNL’s intro program for Middle School students) and get a better view on how imperative it is to capture the hearts of the youth that we train. We have to resonate with each other in order to be successful. The peer-to-peer aspect of New Look is what makes it such a successful program!

Terez's New LookThrough New Look, I’ve job shadowed executives at Coca-Cola and The City of Atlanta Office of Film and Entertainment, and even was invited to attend the Martin Luther King Jr. Salute to Greatness dinner in Atlanta on behalf of the organization.

In addition, New Look has given me a platform to share my spark of writing and public speaking with others, which encourages me to keep using my talents to reach success. After seeing the movie ‘Selma’ with New Look, we had a powerful group discussion back at UNL headquarters about advancing civil rights. Through this, I was inspired to participate in a speech writing contest put on by the National Liberty Museum. Usher’s New Look shared the speech I wrote with their followers. You can watch me deliver it here. When I wrote an essay on ‘What Education Means to Me’ for a shot at a $10,000 scholarship from WyzAnt.com, New Look provided me a platform to share it with a larger audience through the internet and social media. You can read it here.

My Favorite Quotes

“Rumble young man, rumble,” Muhammad Ali, “Change is inevitable, growth is optional” John C Maxwell and “You can’t teach racism when your child is connected to the culture,” Shawn Carter.

My Future

This Fall, I start as a freshman at Georgia College. I plan to major in Biology and minor in Chemistry. In five years, I see myself in Graduate School at Reed College working on my Doctorate Degree. I’d like to be a marine biologist, toxicologist, or forensic scientist and do astronomy on the side. I’m in all aspects a celestial being and one day hope to live among the stars!10669367_10205730707600490_4901746065803485928_o

Thank You New Look

Without New Look, I would not have had the familial support outside of my household that I needed and all the other four pillars experiences that have helped me get to where I am today. Thank you, New Look.

ElbieAnconaPhoto UNL VIP S-R 7-22-64 Terez Chapman

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