5Looks with UNL Atlanta Youth Leader, Jessieka Reaves

Meet Jessieka!

Hi! My name is Jessieka Reaves and I joined the Usher’s New Look Atlanta Leadership Academy in October 2013 after I was exposed to the program through a Powered by Service Training at my middle school. It has been three years since I joined, and I am now a junior at Westlake High School.

2015-Atlanta Academy March-Jessieka and friends


My spark is science and sports. I have competed on several science fairs and play softball, soccer and swim. I have competed in the science fair since 1st grade. Some of my major projects were winning the science fair my freshman year and placing higher than all the seniors in my school.

2014-Jessieka ATL Academy Science Fair Acheivement Post

Before Usher’s New Look

Before joining New Look, I did not know what I wanted to do when I got older, or where I would be going to college after high school. I faced many obstacles in my life, such as not having self-confidence, feeling like I had to prove myself and having low self- esteem.2016-Pebblebrook PBS-Jessieka Reeves

My “New Look”

Usher’s New Look has helped me grow as a leader because of my new self-esteem and self-confidence. My self-confidence has been boosted,  because through New Look I am able to train other youth how to be leaders and not worry about what people think. Being a trainer for New Look feels like you are important and that you are helping somebody else.

2016-Atlanta PBS with Ludacris Foundation-Jessieka Reeves3

Thank You, Usher’s New Look!

My favorite thing about Usher’s New Look is the support that I get from everybody in the Leadership Academy. When I feel down, I know that there is someone to support me.

2015-Atlanta Academy Orientation-Khori Angel Jessieka Reeves Skye Monohan 2