5Looks with UNL Detroit Youth Leader, Dynasty Long!

Meet Dynasty!

Hey! I’m Dynasty aka Duck Dynasty (UNL code name). I joined New Look in 2013 with my twin sister, Diamond, when representatives visited our middle school, Northpoint in Highland Park, MI. Through New Look, I found my SPARK to be business management, but I love also accounting.

Diamond and Dynasty long

Before New Look

Throughout my life, my family and I have had many hardships, some being that my family was very poor,  so my siblings and I weren’t very privileged, and other things like deaths in the family and a lack of happiness or hope. Although I had a very good family and childhood, the environment of Detroit made me question many things as a child. UNL has helped me with many of these hardships by always having my back and being there for me. In February, my grandmother passed away because she was very sick, and my program coordinator, Jarvis, showed to up to the funeral which helped more than he knows, because now I’m much stronger and all thanks to those who supported me; friends, family and my UNL family. Another way UNL has helped me was that they gave me a sense of hope and courage. As many people may know, Detroit has both a good and bad reputation and being a poor and shy little girl made me see the bad of Detroit. Although I had dreams, I thought that’s all they were, dreams, but UNL helped me and guided me on a path where I can see my dreams manifest and a little ray of sunshine.

Dynasty and Brother

This is me and my older brother. He’s nine years older than me and has helped me through many problems. He’s also like a father figure to me since my father was not around.

My “New Look”

Honestly, I believe my greatest achievements since starting the program are one, being committed to a program like UNL, two, doing good things for others and the community, three, having a sense that I can actually influence others and change things, not only in my community, but the world. Lastly, my most important achievement (in my opinion of course) would be passing on Usher New Look’s ideals to future generations, so that they may also make a positive change somewhere.

Dynasty Long

This is me (on the far left), my twin sister Diamond (far right), and my mom (the middle) when my sister and I won the Leadership Award from the Boys and Girls Club!

My Future

As a career choice, I aspire to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and work with a huge company. Although I have not decided exactly which kind of accountant I plan to be, I am narrowing my options but I’m also taking suggestions. I would love to go to University of Michigan Dearborn or Flint, major in accounting and receive a PhD in accounting/financial literacy. Plus, I would also like to minor in business management or stocks.


Thank You New Look!

Usher’s New Look has been a miracle and blessing. I’m more confident than I was before. I’ve met many wonderful people. I’ve experienced many things that I never thought I would. I’m extremely grateful to UNL and it will be forever a part of me. As a Mogul in Training in college and then alumni, I still want to help out as a trainer, and when I become a CPA I’ll donate some of my salary to UNL. I am forever in debt to UNL for the opportunities and doors they have opened for me,  so I’ll always do what I can for New Look, but for now, I hope I will be able to honor this title and uphold the ideals of Usher’s New Look in Detroit.