#5Looks with UNL Milwaukee Academy 10th Grader, Donte Skinner

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Meet Donte!

I first joined Usher’s New Look when I was a freshman at Golda Meir High School. When I joined I wasn’t sure what my spark was, but Usher’s New Look soon helped me realize that my spark was not only being an athlete but also being able to help others and show them that they can achieve anything they put their mind to.

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Before New Look

When I was in eighth grade, I wasn’t the best student I could be. I was being a follower instead of a leader, and I wasn’t excelling on the things I should have been. I soon turned it around and started to become a leader. So when I was in eighth grade, one of my teachers recommended Usher’s New Look to me but I turned it down, not knowing that this could have been a huge step in the right direction for me. Then, when I got to Golda, I was offered the same opportunity, and this time I took it, not knowing if this program would impact my future in a good way or in a bad way. Joining Usher’s New Look has impacted my future in a positive way, and has shaped me to be the person I am today. Usher’s New Look has opened up new and creative doors for me, and has helped me see past all the the obstacles standing in my way, and is still helping me see pass more obstacles to come.

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My New Look

Since I’ve been in New Look I’ve been able to accomplish things that I’ve never imagined. I’ve fed the homeless. I was able to go to one of Usher’s concert in Chicago, and it was amazing. I also got an article wrote about me. The article was called ‘Look What’s Coming Out of Sherman Multicultural Art School’. I also got a job through New Look. There’s so many opportunities you can take advantage of when being a part of New Look.

2015-Milwaukee Orientation October-Group Photp

My Future

Once I graduate high school, I plan on going to college to practice corporate law to become a lawyer. I have three things that will help me achieve my goals. I first plan on maintaining my grades so I can go to a college of my choice. Second, I plan on getting as much community service points as possible, to show people that I’m dedicated, and that I put in 110% into everything I do. Lastly, I plan on staying focused and driven at all times, and also use Usher’s New Look to open my eyes to bigger and better things.

2015-milwaukee arbys service-Youth at Guest House shelter

Donte volunteers with his New Look peers by providing lunches to the homeless at Milwaukee’s Guest House.

Thank You New Look!

New Look has impacted my life in a tremendous way. New look has not only brought me a lot of connections with others, but it has shaped my perspective on life, and how important it is to be a leader and never give up. When I graduate college and become a lawyer, I plan on using what I learned not only from New Look, but also my teachers, and my family to one day come back and give back to the community and show others how to achieve their goals as well.