A 10-Year-Old Entrepreneur Is Behind This Philanthropic Crowdfunding Platform


From Fast Company October 17, 2014

This 10 year old is an outstanding example of what New Look’s Powered by Service leadership training is all about—Finding your passion early on and using it to make a positive impact on the world! Already on her second business, Vivienne Harr’s backers include Silicon Valley superstars.

“Another day, another crowdfunding platform. This one is a little different, however. StandApp is a crowdfunding platform designed to raise money for nonprofits specifically on mobile devices. It’s also the only one founded by a 10-year-old.

Like so many kids, eight-year-old Vivienne Harr started a lemonade stand to make money. But her desires were a little different from most lemonade-hawking children: Instead of raising cash for herself, she declared that all proceeds would go towards ending childhood slavery–and she wouldn’t stop selling lemonade until she reached that goal. By day 173, after a dose of media attention, she hit $101,000 in sales. Harr was even invited to ring the opening bell for Twitter’s IPO at the New York Stock Exchange.” Read The Full Story here!