Come See UNL Atlanta Youth in the Actor Boutique Showcase!

At Usher’s New Look, a huge part of what we do is exposing youth to opportunities they would never have access to otherwise. This is how we are helping underserved students identify “sparks” and potential career pathways that they may have never considered before. Recently, we were able to expose a group of five UNL Atlanta students to the fields of acting and production. In September, we teamed up with the Actor Boutique, a local business started by Emmy winning actress Natalia Livingston, which helps actors develop themselves through services like acting and production classes, image development and private coaching. UNL Atlanta Leadership Academy students (high school youth) with a curiosity or “spark” for acting, were invited to join Natalia’s program. Since the Fall, they have been meeting and working with real adult actors to gear up for an actor boutique showcase, happening March 9th! At the showcase, they will get to exhibit their talents in front of industry professionals onstage at the SCAD Show Theater. We can’t wait to see them perform!

If you are in the Atlanta area and would like to attend to see our future actors and actresses perform, please send your RSVP to with the subject “Actors Boutique”.