‘Adjusting to Howard’ by Milwaukee MIT Ammon Lyle

First Year MIT, Ammon, got involved in New Look in 2010 during his sophomore year of high school by joining our Milwaukee chapter.  He was recommended to apply to New Look’s programs by his Spanish teacher. Ammon is currently finishing up his first semester of college at Howard University.

“Eagerness, anxiety and excitement are all adjectives that describe my introspective process when I first began attending Howard University. Howard University, ranked 1st out of all the coed Historically Black Colleges and Universities, peaked my interest during my sophomore year when I began researching colleges. I wanted to be a part of a rich legacy of African American culture. Howard University has had a very influential role in the development of African American liberties that my generation takes for granted, far too often. Coming to Howard was the best decision I have made socially and academically.

At Howard, keeping up with the rigorous academic lifestyle is a required standard. You instantly become intrigued with the heavy concentration of African culture. My most interesting course is definitely freshman composition. Studying African literature reiterates the importance of avoiding societal complacency. Aside from academics, career development is another important aspect of Howard.

Ammon 2Aspiring to gain a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance, I am always working towards my goal of establishing and maintaining a solid network. Currently, I am taking steps to ensure a corporate internship with the corporate sponsor of my 21st Century Advantage Program team, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance. This program is a business preparatory program that matches Howard University freshman with fortune 500 companies. My role in my 21 cap team is team President. I serve as a liaison between my peers and the team leaders.

The majority of my leadership skills I use were developed through being a Leader in New Look. Having been trained to find solutions to complex issues, cope with multiple personalities, and maintain a constant work ethic, I am extremely capable of leading my business team. The New Look program has given me the tools to create my own comfort in a very competitive environment, and I am blessed to be a part of such an incredible organization.”