An Interview with Jeremy Dominguez, N.Y Mogul in Training

Jeremy Dominguez joined New Look in 2010 when he was only a freshman in High School. Today, he is a freshman in college studying International Studies and Biomedical Sciences at Marymount Manhattan.

How is your first semester of college going?
“My first semester at Marymount Manhattan college have been challenging. It has challenged me socially and academically. I have been adjusting to the changes in my life and noticing the differences between my high school and college experience. I have declared a double major in International Studies and Biomedical Sciences, which is something that has been really exciting to discover.”

How has New Look helped prepare you for it?
“New look has helped me feel more prepared for college. Being trained in communicating effectively with professionals in many fields has translated into my communication with my professors.”

Now that you’ve graduated High School and completed the New Look Leadership Academy, what are you looking forward to as a member of the Mogul in Training program?
“I am excited to begin my new role as an MIT in New York City. I look forward to working with my peers to effect change in the city I love the most.”