An Update from Deon Mixon, Detroit MIT

LC Photo 22wuttup Wuttup WUTTUP !!!

I wanted to send this update because of the blessing(s) God just gave me over these last couple of days..


God blessed me with 2 Jobs: 1. Stock Employee for Serv U Success–a stocking company owned by Meijer. I work at the 8 mi & Woodward location, first day at work was today: It’s waaay easier then my last job at the Car Wash shining 400 tires, cleaning 600 windows, and wiping down 100+ cars an hour!! Plus there are
more positions. It’s the best job I’ve had so far…I think

2. Editor for #AJPhotography; work hasn’t officially started but will be soon, i have to learn this software. I will be responsible for editing photos, adjusting lighting, retouching, etc. of multiple photos. This job is a stay-at-home job

My first novel is getting closer to its day of birth: I’ve finally gotten it far in book format and it’s looking way more like a novel. Speaking in terms of the interior of course, I had to restart my polishing/proofreading and am nearly halfway in. As soon as I’m done, then I’ll move into further steps…and then submission for
CreateSpace to initiate the self-publishing.


This is the summer and because it is the summer, then this means that it is not the winter! The winter was gruesome, stubborn, and
disrespectful to some degree. Please stay calm as summer does its deeds to live it’s seasonal course.

Enjoy the sun for its warmth, light, and evocation of our vitality; appreciate the rain for its essence of cooling, dew of serenity, and balanced cleansing for our filthy moods.

Refrain from anger; no matter what suffering, drama, confusion, and heartache we go through, God is still walking in front of us holding His hand out to keep us moving forward. The struggle is inevitable for a reason and this reason is for the glory that God will grant once it has been endured and defeated.

Fight on, smile at the Devil’s tricks, omens, and attacks. He is eternally defeated. Although you may have a fall, a loss, a tragedy, and/or a disaster, you will prevail in victory over his works as long as you put God first and have faith in His power, mercy, and providence.


Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.
–I Peter 4:16

Anger solves nothing and is only an unique catalyst for destruction.
–Lethal Creed