Atlanta MIT Jasmine Pollard wins Tablet for her UNL Summer Enrichment Assignment

Jasmine Pollard is being awarded a tablet as a result of her effort and commitment to the MIT Summer Enrichment Assignment!  Six MITs completed community service, read an assigned book and completed a summary and analysis of how the book impacted their lives.  Careshia Moore, UNL’s National Program Manager said, “When choosing the recipient of the tablet I was looking for effort, analysis of how their lives were impacted by what they read and community service.  All of the students did an awesome job, but Jasmine really was critical in her analysis of Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and with her next steps of how she would implement the book’s principles into her life.” The tablet was donated by Oliver Adams of Oliver Adams Real Estate Brokerage Services in Henry County, Georgia. Other students who completed the activity included Rashad Cain, Angellic Ross, Rebecca Williams, Ammon Lyles, Demante Baldwin and Jakayla Dills. All of the students who completed the assignment will receive official Usher’s New Look MIT business cards. Congrats Jasmine! Check out this excerpt from Jasmine’s winning analysis below:


“I think this book was great because it’s not a how-to manual, it’s more like a “why things happen” manual, and you’re free to take the information and do with it what you will, because let’s face it, there is no one size fits all financial plan. I think the thing out of this book that will be most helpful to me is the idea of not waiting until you’re in a bad spot to prepare for being in a bad spot.
…Finally, I can’t wait to actually begin using the money makeover plan in the coming weeks. Especially considering I plan to move back to Atlanta in a year, I want all the help I can get to prepare for truly living on my own and being responsible for more than just rent and a cellphone bill. With this book, I’m confident that I won’t have to live paycheck to paycheck once I nail down the discipline to stick to a plan that will help me learn to control my spending now with these small amounts so that when I get the bigger amounts, my spending habits are no longer an issue. Like he said, it’s living how others won’t, so you can live how others can’t.”