Atlanta MIT Tommy Completes Second Summer Internship with Cartoon Network!

Tommy Springer joined Usher’s New Look in Middle School. This year he graduates from college at The Art Institute of Atlanta. Recently, Tommy finished his second summer internship with Cartoon Network. Check out his blog below!

“This summer, I completed my second internship with Cartoon Network’s Sponsorship Group at Turner Broadcasting. I continued to learn about and be apart of the process for creating integrated marketing campaigns. When I first started with the group last year, I initially didn’t see the correlation between sponsorship and my goals of owning a media production company. Aside from seeing that major networks contract work to companies like the one I aspire to create, I also saw that project management is the interchangeable skill that is vital to the entire process. Jill King, the Senior Vice President of Sponsorship, took the time out to share with me her journey to her current position. She’s worked for many major corporations in different fields, and matriculated quickly in each field due to her project management skills. My summer internship has taught me many things, but my biggest takeaway from the experience is the importance of having a detailed and efficient workflow, and how to properly assemble and utilize your team. I would like to thank Usher’s New Look for making the initial connection with the company, and I would like to thank Cartoon Network for allowing me to be apart of the team.”

Want to learn more? Read the story of Tommy’s New Look journey in his own words here!