Atlanta MIT, Tony Betton, Receives Special Invitation to Attend Martin Luther King, Jr.Salute to Greatness Awards Dinner

Atlanta MIT, Tony Betton,  has received a special invitation to attend the 2014 Martin Luther King, Jr. (The King Center) Salute to Greatness Awards Dinner, which will honor Heavy Weight Boxing Champion, Humanitarian, Philanthropist Mr. Muhammad Ali and others.  He is excited to also be attending the private V.I.P. Reception as well as the Afterglow Reception.
Tony has been closely affiliated with the historic King Center since the age of 10, working as a youth leader, hosting, speaking, volunteering, performing at special events, and in 2011 participated in the Kingian Nonviolence Training Program and became certified to teach Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s Principle’s of Nonviolence.  Tony’s certification was signed by Emory University and personally signed and presented to him by Martin Luther King, III and Dr. Bernice King.
Tony is now officially working with the King Center on the national Choose Nonviolence Campaign.
Click the video below to watch The King Center’s Official PSA with Dr. Bernice King , CEO of the King Center & daughter of Dr. MLK, Jr.,  for the launch of the national #ChooseNonviolence Campaign: