AT&T Hosts Career Day for UNL Milwaukee Students

Usher’s New Look Milwaukee high school students have new outlooks on life thanks to an inspiring career day put on by our partner, AT&T. On Friday, February 24th, New Look Milwaukee Leadership Academy students attended a career summit at AT&T Headquarters. At the Summit, there were three dynamic speakers, Pamela Malone, Independent Business entrepreneur, Jason Fields, CEO of Malone Mechanical State Representatives and David Crawley, Newly Elected District State Representative. These speakers led the career forum hosted by former New Look Advisory Board member, Dextra Hadnot, who is now the head of Government Affairs for AT&T Wisconsin.

Check out pictures below and read the powerful things our students had to say about their experiences!

“Today, I learned that you can be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it. I got to listen to three very intelligent and influential people. Growing up, I was the only girl on my father’s side. Ms. Malone, who was also the only girl, taught me I can do anything no matter my gender or my race. She is very good at what she does, even in a male-dominated field. She is a single mother and she inspires me in every way. Mr. Jason Fields taught me to make my mark on the world, so when I am gone people will remember my name and what I did. So, when you say the name Indigo you will never compare me to someone else. He taught me you have to be hungry to be successful. David Crawley was once in our position, having his first job at 14 years old; going to a MPS school-just like us. He has taught me that if I stay focused, I can achieve my dreams no matter how tough it is or how many obstacles get in my way. If I stay focused on my grind, it will pay off and I can get where I want to be in life. I will continue to expand my network and connections, so I know I will always have people behind me whenever I need them and they need me. Overall, I learned valuable lessons and advice from each representative and I will forever remember and cherish the things they have taught me.” -Indigo Offord

2017-Milwaukee ATT Career Day- (3)

The panel that presented today changed my outlook on life… They made me think about the good, bad and ugly in life. I now have confidence that I, a young inner city youth can make it in this cruel world. The people that stood in front of me today had more than my family and probably more than anybody I know. Usually when people like that are in my presence, I tend to get intimidated and form thoughts that the goal to get where they are is impossible to reach or unattainable. Remarkably that wasn’t the case today. Mr.Fields, Mr.Crowley, Ms. Malone and I all have something in common, we look alike and we all come from the same place.” -Zataria Ingram

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“Being invited to the AT&T Career Exploration Visit, I have to say was pretty inspirational, considering my aspiration in life is to become a politician and hopefully one day become the President. There were several key speakers who impacted me tremendously, ingrained with the idea of success. In addition, there were two politicians that were sharing their contributions to the overall Milwaukee community. One being Jason M. Fields, the 11th District State Representative and another being David Crowley, the 17th District State Representative. Overall, I learned a lot, in terms of how to be successful, but also, how to create steps to help me achieve greatness in life. I will never forget what they said to me, ‘In order to be successful, you have to double your failure rate.’ Today was a valuable lesson that I learned in terms of success. The one thing I took away from this was my ability to network and connect with others. I learned that networking is important and very valuable in terms of learning and expanding your resources.” -Isaiah Gordon