‘Attending Global Citizen and UN’s Global Goals Launch’ by UNL MIT, Jasmine Elliott

2014-Atlanta Academy May 9- Jasmine ElliottJasmine Elliott is a freshman UNL Atlanta Mogul in Training studying fashion design at Savannah College of Art and Design! She is an entrepreneur with a heart for incorporating philanthropy into her business strategy. Recently, she represented New Look alongside UNL Alum, Brandon Hamilton, at the United Nations and Global Citizen’s Global Goals and Human Rights Celebration in Atlanta. This event celebrated the launch of the UN’s global Sustainability Developmental Goals (SDG), which replaced the Millennium Development Goals as a new universal set of targets and indicators. These 17 goals seek to guide nations’ agendas and political priorities over the next 15 years in tackling global issues such as poverty and inequality. Read Jasmine’s blog below!

UN Global Citizen Jasmine Elliott and Brandon Hamilton

On Monday September 21, 2015 I was given the great opportunity to represent Usher’s New Look Foundation at the Center for Civil Rights to celebrate the United Nations’ Global Goals. It was wonderful to hear how the world is working towards eradicating poverty and towards more sustainability around the globe. After listening to multiple speakers explain some of the goals, along with students from various high schools, universities, and organizations, I  stood in front of the room as we each read aloud one of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals that the United Nations are hoping to reach by 2030. Some of these include gender equality, lowering the poverty rate, and providing a clean water supply in many small countries. The United Nations has been working hard to achieve many of their goals since setting them in the year 2000. I was also able to register as a volunteer for the ONE campaign. This campaign is pushing to get electricity in African countries. They allowed me to write a letter to get the support of our governor to pass the bill.  Overall, it was a great experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity! Thank You New Look!