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20170131_175601Published by Brittney Keith

Brittney Keith is an Usher’s New Look Marketing Intern, member of our Moguls in Training program and a Junior Journalism major at Georgia State University


Did you know, as minority populations grow, a racial gap persists in higher education? The most recent data shows that only 19% of Latino adults have a degree as compared to 42% of whites. Similarly, as the enrollment gap between white and African-American students shrinks (70% and 65% respectively), the six-year graduation rate of African-American students remains about 35% lower than that of their white peers. The reasons for the inequity in higher education are varied and complex, but socio-economics is an undeniable factor.

As a college student, I have witnessed many of my friends and other students struggle to find the sufficient funds to stay in college and graduate due to lack of knowledge, assistance and guidance. The statistics from Usher’s New Look students’ experiences confirm this predicament: 98% of New Look high school students are accepted into college. 86% of these students are the first in their family to ever attend college. For most, this means they have little to no support during the college application and financial aid processes. This makes them feel hopeless and contemplate not completing their degree.

At Usher’s New Look, it is our top priority to provide knowledge and resources to these students. We are thankful to partner with companies like to ensure that funds are not the reason why a student does not graduate.

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