Usher’s New Look Featured in Michigan Chronicle’s ‘Best of Young Detroit’

Usher’s New Look develops young Detroit leaders through service on life’s big stage

January 31, 2017

By Scott Talley | A Special to the Michigan Chronicle

A proud Detroit native, Jarvis-LaRue Brown is a dedicated, hard worker who loves to help his community. And Brown is able to live out his passion with a little help from one of the most dynamic entertainers on the planet—Usher. A 2005 graduate of Detroit Northern High School, Brown is the Detroit program coordinator for Usher’s New Look, a nonprofit, charitable organization formed by the musical icon, which is “dedicated to bridging the gap between despair and success for young people all over the world.” True to its name, Usher’s New Look (established in 1999) aims to provide young people, including Detroit’s youth, with a new look on life while emphasizing four pillars—talent, education, career and service.

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