Blogging Around 4/1-7

Tuesday April 3

We were out and about last week. Our speaker series launched at Pebblebrook HS by featuring local Entrepreneurs who shared their story with #UshersNewLook students. We also took college tours at Auburn and Alabama State.

At UNL we know hearing inspiring stories from real world success stories can be an example that many kids don’t often get to see and being exposed to how raw and real experience is enlightening. Our mission at UNL is to provide resources to kids they may not otherwise have access to and support them in creating their own success story.


March 6

Sports are about a lot more than a Win or Loss. The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace celebrates sports and their widespread contribution to education, human development, a healthy lifestyle and world peace. The day also serves to raise awareness for the positive influences of sport on the advancement of human rights, and both social and economic development of nations worldwide by encouraging social inclusion, fair play and team spirit.

In many cases, people have been able to achieve greatness based on their abilities, not their socio-economic background or race.  While we @ushersnewlook applaud all athletes for their talent and dedication, we are working to help youth identify their “spark” or passion and prepare them for successful careers in that area – regardless of the industry. #Disruptivator