Boynton Beach Community High School Puts a Creative Spin on UNL’s Music Leadership 101 Digital Curriculum

Boynton Beach Community High School is one of many schools in the U.S to take on a new Usher’s New Look digital curriculum course called Music Leadership 101. Music Leadership 101 offers a look into various behind the scenes careers in the entertainment industry with lessons taught by the industry professionals themselves, including former Creative Director of Laface Records, D.L Warfield, and Entertainment Lawyer for celebrities like Usher and Justin Bieber, Kenny Meiselas. Sterling Frederick, a teacher of Music Leadership 101 at Boynton Beach, has brought a unique spin to the curriculum by breaking his class into small groups and challenging them to create their own record labels, complete with all aspects of a real business. The student groups even have their own artists, allowing for the whole school to be involved in choosing which talent and songs to support week to week. The class has become almost like the show Empire, generating a wave of momentum among the students and faculty.

Before taking on the curriculum, Boynton Beach High School reported a 30% graduation rate amongst their African American males. Since the curriculum, the school has seen an increase in attendance and higher overall academic performance among students, even those who are not directly enrolled in the class. The record label competition has taken the entire school by storm, bringing about a new energy that is spreading even outside the doors of Boynton Beach Community High. The effect Music Leadership 101 has had on the school is causing administrators to discuss moving the class to the last period in the day, so that students will be inclined to attend school for the entire day. Watch this local news segment to see how our class is helping raise graduation rates at Boynton Beach High!

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