Cammie Rice

Vice Chairman - Development

Cammie Rice is a senior level executive in the technology and financial services industries. Ms. Rice held the position of Senior Vice President within the Finance Technology group at Bank of America headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. She also led the strategy team for the Global Corporate Staff Technology Group. From 1998 to 2006, Rice was the Senior Director of the Americas Strategic Partners at Hyperion Solutions Corporation. Prior to her tenure there, she was president and founder of Digital Connectivity Inc. a digital imaging systems integration company. Cammie has always enjoyed public speaking engagements on various topics for KODAK, National Education Association, Duke University, Photo Marketing Association International and IBM “Crossing the Chasm” with Geoffery Moore. She is currently a board member of Partnership Against Domestic Violence and is chair of the business development committee. She is also on the national committee for The Rowell Foster Children fund and is chairing the Vanderbilt University Parent’s Leadership group.