Code Week: Meet Kemon, Spark Coding, Future Developer

It’s Computer Science Education Week! Students all around the world are encouraged to try coding and become exposed to careers in technology.  At New Look, we’re hosting Hour of Code events for our high school Leadership Academy students in each of our cities: Atlanta, Milwaukee, Brooklyn and Detroit. Our goal is to have the most students from underserved communities coding this week than ever before! Stay tuned for updates from each of those events!

In the meantime, meet Kemon. He discovered his spark for coding last year at our Day of Code event with Georgia Tech! Read his story, then watch his clip below.

Kemon White is a 10th grader at Kipp Atlanta Collegiate and has been in Usher’s New Look for about 3 years, since he started attending our Atlanta Leadership Academy with his sister Keiondra Dupree in the 8th grade. He is one of four children and raised by an amazing single mother. Last year, through UNL’s Day of Code, Kemon found out that his “spark” is computer science. Since participating in Day of Code, he also realized that his passion for coding has a lot to do with robotics and engineering. He joined the robotics team at school where he has been unstoppable! He’s won several local competitions with his robotics team, which has enabled him to earn cash prizes. Having the extra cash has helped his family out tremendously, as his sister is in and out of the hospital on a regular basis due to sickle-cell disease. When he grows up, Kemon wants to be a developer and coder, and he’s well on his way! He plans to study computer science and engineering in college and he will be the first generation in his family to get a bachelor’s degree.