Congrats to Atlanta Youth Mary-Pat Hector on Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for “Think Twice” Campaign

On June 5, 2014, UNL Atlanta youth, Mary-Pat, decided to take a leap of faith and use 9,000.00 of her college savings to buy billboards across Atlanta to support her ‘Think Twice’ anti-gun violence initiative, which encourages, educates, and inspires her peers to Think Twice before using an illegal gun.

Yesterday, Mary-Pat gathered in downtown Atlanta with her supporters for a ribbon cutting that officially launched the next phase of her campaign. Learn  more about “Think Twice” below!


“Think Twice” a national shock ad campaign created to encourage my peers to think twice before committing acts of violence. The “Think Twice” campaign was established in February 2013 to address violence among young people from different backgrounds between the ages of 11 and 24. I started Think Twice because I was tired of attending more funerals than graduations. I knew in order to fix the problem it would have to take some out of the box and edgy thinking to fix the issue of violence in this country. I have contacted so many City officials and Corporations asking for assistance to make this campaign a reality.