Congrats to Shamya Graham and Ms. Butler’s Second Grade Class: ReaderLeader Challenge 3rd Place Winner!

Congrats to second grader, Shamya Graham, and teacher, Ms. Molly Waldron, from Butler Elementary in Savannah, Georgia, whose class is the third place prize recipient for our Scholastic Reader Leader Challenge. They will receive Usher #BIGGERTHAN bookmarks for their entire grade! In January, we partnered with Scholastic to create a challenge around reading in conjunction with our Founder, Usher Raymond’s #BIGGERTHAN Words Webcast. Classes nation wide took our #BIGGERTHAN “pledge” to read 1 hour a day for 30 days, an exercise that helps youth open their minds to a world of possibilities. Here’s what Shamya and her teacher had to say about winning!

“Winning this contest makes us feel proud of our reading accomplishments.” –Shamya Graham

“Reading to me is like a free vacation to anywhere in or out of this world. It allows you explore new places, ideas, and situations without leaving your seat. When students realize the value of reading and the freedom it gives you they possess something that can never be taken away. That is why reading is important to me as an educator.” –Ms. Waldron