Congrats UNL Atlanta 2015 Graduates!

In the state of Georgia, only 72% of students are graduating from high school. In the Atlanta Public Schools district, the graduation rate is 59%. However, against the odds, Usher’s New Look Atlanta Leadership Academy students are graduating 100%!

Twenty-Five Atlanta Leadership Academy youth are now high school graduates and headed to the next step in their journeys: Obtaining  full-time careers. Whether they choose 4-year college, a technical school, or dare to jump straight into entrepreneurship, each student will progress into our Moguls in Training Program, which further prepares them to enter into the real world. Moguls in Training, like Marvin, Jasmine, Aliysa, and Penny, members of our program since high school, are now matriculating out of our core programming, but will forever be a part of the Usher’s New Look Family as UNL ALUMNI! We can’t wait to see the ripple effect they create through giving back.

Read these students’ next steps and the impact UNL has had on their lives below!

Atlanta MIT grads pt1 UNL Atlanta MIT grads pt2Atl HS pt1

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