Detroit MIT Ciarah Performs Original Poem at Dropout Conference

At last week’s National Dropout Conference, 18 year old Ciarah, an MIT from our Detroit chapter, participated in New Look’s panel discussion where she was able to share her personal success story of completing high school after being deemed a “dropout”. Ciarah explained to an audience of more than 500 educators how she fell into the peer pressure to fit in with the wrong crowd, which resulted in her being kicked out of school by November of her freshman year of high school. New Look gave her the confidence to overcome obstacles, look past her current situation, and ultimately finish school. Today, Ciarah is ready to begin her first semester of college and because of her “new look” has hope for a better future full of endless possibilities.

Using her talent and passion of spoken-word poetry, Ciarah wowed the audience at the conference with her performance of an original poem called ‘High School Dropout’. Watch her perform it below!

“‘High School Dropout’ was my first signature piece I wrote. I started my poetry career in 2009 at Youthville with their poetry class. It was the first poem I’ve ever had a voice in. I was frustrated, fell into the wrong crowd that I knew I didn’t belong to in school, and then got kicked out the 3rd month of my first year in high school. I knew what my future would be if I gave up. I simply wrote it out, but didn’t live up to the low expectations of my poem. After 4 years, I still perform High School Dropout to remind myself how far and successful I’ve become.” -Ciarah