Detroit MIT, Deon Mixon, publishes first Novel

Congratulations to Detroit MIT, Deon Mixon, who published his first novel last week. Check out his blog below on how it feels to be a published writer. We are very proud of you, Deon!

My fellow leaders, I want to, first, thank you all for receiving my words and applying them to your lives as best as possible. I thank you all for being a people who want better for yourselves and for the world we live in. I thank you for being true to yourself and I thank you for being true to truth and the greater good we strive to supply for the world.

On Tuesday, August 5, 2014, I successfully self-published my debut novel, Lethal Creed: Genesis. It’s the first book of five for my Lethal Creed Saga. It’s about a Christian soldier, contemplating on the dream that told him that living a military career isn’t just what he was called to do for his purpose in life. Jake Rooley, an interracial from Detroit, MI, ventures through the influence, the happiness of life, and an unfortunate Third World War that actually unveils the mysteries of his dream, allowing him to discover his true purpose in life. It’s a story of secular entertainment where the host stresses the spiritual allegory behind it.

Deon-Mixon-Cass-Tech-JPGTo be an author was something I exactly DID NOT expect to be or even want to be, ha. I wasn’t a writer two years ago. I was just an artist. I was just a smart kid from the D trying to figure out a simple career goal that’d support a family in the future. But two years ago, I had revealed a story I had daydreamed for three years prior, to my best/favorite cousin who always wrote short stories. We always shared ideas about superpowers, about personalities for characters, and about plots that’d really compel readers. But I was the better writer. He knew that, but I didn’t care. I just cared that I’d make him better and help him write his book that he introduced to me. Two years ago, my cousin told me he was gonna write a book, a novel of action, adventure, and all the other things that get teens and adults hungry for more literary art. I told him about my own story, from which I just daydreamed for the sake of entertaining myself, and he stopped me. Long story short, he told me to write. He told me to do exactly what I wouldn’t.

And so two years ago, I did exactly that. May 1, 2012, I began my manuscript in my graphic arts class at Cass Technical High School. September 13, 2013, I finished my manuscript in a frat house at Western Michigan University. June 9, 2014, I copyrighted my polished manuscript. August 5, 2014, I self-published my story…

I did exactly what I wouldn’t. Writing and, honestly without boast, everything else was always a strong skill I had. So, with the supposedly destined encouragement of my cousin to write a supposedly destined story that had a very good and mysterious reason to be created through a 3-yr long daydream, I told myself to do what I wouldn’t, but for the glory of God; for the sake of His doing for us all. And that’s what my story is about; about why He is the reason we should do exactly what we don’t for Him.

Being an author now feels phenomenal. I was so excited to get it published the cheapest way, and most importantly, the right way. I felt that I rushed it a bit, but too many contemplations and mysterious signs just kept saying that I waited long enough. I believed in myself and I believed in the good behind my story, and that was what motivated me to push forward and complete my mission–my mission to show the world something different; to show them that the one who let us know life as we fathom it, deserves every gram of appreciation, thanks, and glory.

My fellow leaders, believe in yourself, making sure that you possess the good that He expects you to have. Believe in the exposure of the good that you wish the world to possess, embrace, and live. Doing so makes you more righteous, more powerful as a soul, and more holy as a child of God. You have the power, given by Him, to do exactly what you would for that which you want. I ask that you pause yourself, and think of the fact that you also were given power to do exactly what you now wouldn’t (because of sin) for that which you fail to even care to have.

My fellow leaders, put Him first before all things that you do, for this will result in the very outstanding success and accomplishment you endeavor to see right for your accord, right now.

Closing, please purchase a copy of my debut novel, a novel that emphasizes the above notions, because receiving support from you all is an extraordinary honor. Spread it further, across the States, and across the globe please. Post a review on Amazon. And then…witness to others the same endeavor I wrote to witness to you.

May God Bless You All,
Deon C. Mixon Jr.

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