Detroit MITs Rebecca and Elizabeth Williams Receive 2,000 Books from Scholastic for Their Nonprofit!

First graders in Bakersfield, CA tune into the #BIGGERTHAN Webcast and dance to Usher's performance of 'Without You'!

First graders in Bakersfield, CA tune into the #BIGGERTHAN Webcast and dance to Usher’s performance of ‘Without You’!

If you didn’t get a chance to see Usher’s BIGGERTHAN Words Scholastic webcast, you MUST check it out here! Grade school students filled the audience and got to ask Usher questions on how reading has helped him “Open a World of Possible.” One student asked Usher what his greatest achievement besides becoming a music superstar was. Usher said creating the New Look charity and being able to give young people the opportunity to become change agents! Two of our Detroit Moguls and Training, sisters Rebecca and Elizabeth Williams who attend college at Grand Valley State, came on stage to tell the kids about the nonprofit they just started called Books IV Bonding. Rebecca came up with the idea after travelling to Kenya with Usher’s New Look to train youth in Powered by Service leadership training. The school they visited had been badly burnt in a fire and they lacked any books to learn from. Rebecca knew she needed to help make a difference, so her and her sister Elizabeth teamed up to start their own nonprofit. They plan to collect books that feature characters who can inspire these students to become change agents too! Then, an incredible surprise happened live on stage when Scholastic announced that they will be donating 2,000 books for Rebecca and Elizabeth to send over to schools in Kibera!

This is only the beginning. Rebecca and Elizabeth plan to take their book-giving nonprofit all around the world and open more young minds to their endless potential. Congratulations girls!!

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