Everything is a Remix: Usher’s New Look leads Leadership & Branding Workshop at Georgia High School

Last week, Usher’s New Look Chief Operating Officer, Gavin McGuire, Higher Altitude Foundation CEO, Cedric J. Rogers, and UNL alumni, Chase Browning, facilitated a leadership workshop for 150 middle and high school students at the Hope Conference at Meadowcreek High School, located north of Atlanta in Norcross, Georgia! Here’s what New Look Alum, Chase, had to say about his day giving back to younger students:

“The event at Meadowcreek High School was an eye-opening experience. Everyone actively involved in service knows that when they help someone, they gain even more of a reward than the person they’re helping because of how good it makes you feel. This time that feeling was overwhelming. After sharing the story of my experience with the music industry in a way where it could relate to any industry, I was shocked to see how receptive and curious the students were to learn more. Many of them had questions that I felt I had answers to. I had an epiphany that moment and realized I may be able to help youth a lot more than I thought. The group at Meadowcreek was full of leaders and it was a blessed experience talking with them.”

2015-Meadowcreek HS Hope Conference-Group Photo