‘Feeding the Homeless’ by New Look Milwaukee 9th Grader, Angela Soto

Our New Look Milwaukee students are Powered by Service. Check out the #BIGGERTHAN action they chose to take after last week’s Leadership Academy meeting.

“In today’s society, there are many homeless people living on the street with very little to no food, water, shelter, clothing and/or toiletries. The future leaders in Usher’s New Look Program in Milwaukee decided to change the normal. After our session last week, we had extra sandwiches from one of Usher’s New Look sponsors, Arby’s, and we as future leaders in our community and in this world decided not to take home the extra sandwiches. Our group pronounced that we would give our extra sandwiches to the homeless. After the meeting, some participants in the Milwaukee program went with Percy Eddie, the Milwaukee coordinator, to go around the city of Milwaukee and give the extra sandwiches to the homeless. We stopped by Milwaukee’s Guest House Homeless Shelter. We knew about the situation going on in our city and we knew that people on the street needed the food more than we did.”

2015-milwaukee arbys service-group of youth with lunches2015-milwaukee arbys service-Youth with Guest House shelter staff