Feel the Power of…
‘The New Look Effect’!

‘The New Look Effect’ is what makes our program unique. It’s the “secret sauce” that’s allowing youth to see meaning in their future through education and career. 100% of New Look Academy youth are graduating high school. 98% are attending college. Here’s why:


  1. PEER TO PEER: Our program is delivered to youth by other youth who have participated in the program, creating an instant, credible connection.
  2. PASSION: Imagine getting a blueprint of your future in middle school. We help students identify their “spark”, or natural talent and areas of passion. This focus assists youth with identifying a concrete education and career pathway.
  3. PRACTICAL EXPOSURE: Hands on experiences like job shadowing, guest speakers and internships provide powerful exposure that can’t be duplicated in the classroom.
  4. POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD: Service and giving is at the heart of our curriculum. With an emphasis on building stronger personal brands, our program empowers students to leave a legacy amongst their peers, throughout their community and around the globe.

Watch this video to feel the power of what we are calling, The New Look Effect

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