UNL Milwaukee Students Participate in STEM Night with General Electric

UNL Milwaukee Leadership Academy Students (High School) participated in a STEM career and education opportunities night at Golda Meir School sponsored by our partner General Electric. Read all about it below in this blog written by 10th grader, Angela Soto! Angela’s SPARK is helping others and she is pursuing a career in the medical field.

“There were many different activities at the STEM night at Golda Meir School in Milwaukee. Each portion of STEM was represented tonight. For science, there were people from different organization and schools such as MSOE, UW Milwaukee and people from GE were there giving information about their programs and careers. GE also had challenges to compete in and UNL student Aniah Carter won the prize of an apple pie for memorizing the most numbers in the number pie (3.14…). There were little stations throughout the hallway in which people could do different experiments. At one station you could create your own cart out of scrap materials and test it down a ramp to see how far it can go. At another station, they were giving away cups full of glow in the dark liquids. Another station you could create a goop out of glue, food coloring and liquid. My physics teacher was having people create cushioning for a cart going down a ramp and seeing which cushioning was the best and didn’t cause the most damage to the cart. My favorite room was the aquaponics room! There was a aquaponic system set up and rows of potted plants; Some pots growing beans, others growing sunflowers. In the library, there were science fair projects presented and people could go around and look at the different projects. In the technology room, people were coding and learning to code. In the engineering room, there were robots and rovers driving around on the floor, puzzle cubes were being solved on the tables and people were creating different shapes on a computer program called ‘ Inventor’. In math, people were solving problems and substituting formulas which tied into engineering. All in all, STEM night was really fun and I learned different things from each section and activity!”

2016-Milwaukee STEM Day-1