Indiana School Exemplifies UNL Powered by Service Model by turning Senior Pranks into Promises!

By Joel Porter, WNDU

“Seniors party outside Clay High School in South Bend with proceeds benefiting Memorial Hospital. South Bend seniors will be graduating later this week. And many of them normally try to pull pranks during the final days of class.

But one school is encouraging them to do something more positive. Clay High School assistant principal Robert Smith was encouraging the kids to forget the pranks and instead, focus their energy and some of their money on a party and fundraiser.

With just a few more days of locker combinations and walking from class to class, students at Clay High School are looking to finish the year on a high note. For some, that can mean a little bit of trouble.

“By Wednesday, we were a little fed up with the pranks,” Smith said.

“They called us into the office and said, ‘this is not OK, we have to clean this up’”, senior Dillon Bergin said.

That’s why Smith was proposing some good, clean fun. Seniors could buy a wristband which let them out of class for an outdoor party.

“This definitely says it that this is our last week here,” Bergin said. “So, it’s a great way to go out, to help people and have fun.

Every single dollar we make goes to the children’s hospital. This is the first request of the day,” senior Jose Carrero said while playing music at the party.

The event is called Pranks to Promises. Seniors partied on a sunny afternoon with dancing, food and games.

“This is really special to see everybody come together for a great cause,” senior Willis Imanene said.

“It was a huge surprise to us. But I think it’s something hopefully that can really catch on to other area high schools year after year,” Paul Davis with Beacon Health Systems said.

For today at least, the seniors weren’t thinking about caps and gowns or final exams, instead simply enjoying themselves while giving back.

“You talk about positive intentions and leaving a positive statement behind, maybe it’ll go a lot further than Clay High School,” Smith said.

Memorial hospital is hoping to raise nearly $50 million to build a new children’s wing. So far, they haven’t announced when construction could begin. Clay High School’s graduation is happening on Friday at 6:00 p.m.

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