Intern Update! Atlanta Alum, Malia, General Electric

Malia Murray is an Atlanta UNL Alumni, who graduated this  year from the University of Georgia. This summer she is completing her second summer internship with our partner, GE. Check out her reflection and video blog below!

My goals for this internship are to expand my background in marketing and social media from a corporate standpoint. Since 2008, I’ve developed a strong passion for online marketing. I love it because I am able to work directly with our target market and I am able to see and monitor the results of my plans easily. Working as a social media producer with GE will give me so much more insight on how this is done on a bigger scale. I’m eager to learn how GE strategically plans out their social media, how they monitor it, and how they choose to communicate with their audience. My ultimate goal would be to build long term relationships with many people who work in marketing and social media at GE! Doing so would not only help me to have great mentors, but it will also allow me to learn from great people who have years of experience in this field! …  This second journey at GE is going to be a great one! I’m excited to learn more and I can’t wait to grow as a business woman and person.