James Harris

Global Ambassador of Youth

James Harris began his adventure after being selected by his high school teachers to attend Camp New Look in 2007. His positive evolution led him to obtain his degree in Audio Engineering from the Atlanta Institution of Music and take on a UNL staff role in 2011 as the Atlanta Program Coordinator. Today, he serves as New Look’s Program Strategy Manager and the only UNL alumni to ever serve as a New Look Board Member.

After joining New Look in ’07, James became involved in every program New Look has to offer. His inspiring story of becoming empowered through New Look opened doors for him to speak as a mentor to youth in his hometown of Kansas City. Harris was involved in several student-teacher panel discussions designed to share perspectives on ways to improve the high school curriculum. He went on to receive two grants from Usher’s New Look to use his talents and passions to create local and global change. One grant was used to increase voter registration while the other raised funds to aid the fight against malaria as a part of the Nothing But Nets campaign. In February 2009, Harris put his power to the ultimate test by testifying with Usher in front of Congress on the importance of service and the Serve America Act, a bill passed to expand opportunities for service. Harris’ passion for mentoring and leadership led him to his current career pathway. The rest is history.

Harris is also aspiring rapper with his musical partner Casanova Butler and their group Urban Republic (www.loudpack.biz). Though music is his passion, his aim is to ultimately become an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Most recently he has started his own Label and Entertainment group, Loudpack Productions LLC.

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