Jarvis Brown

Detroit Program Coordinator

Jarvis-LaRue Brown is Program Coordinator for Detroit, MI with Usher’s New Look Foundation. He is a Graduate of Specs Howard School of Media Arts. After graduation, Jarvis “LaRue” had an opportunity to intern with 92.3 and FM 98 WJLB and during that time expanded his local community outreach through music and youth involvement. Since the age of 13, LaRue has been participating in youth development programs through local community organizations including YouthVille Detroit.  In 2008, LaRue began volunteering at Usher’s New Look Foundation and, through this association, found his passion was impacting our youth. Born and raised in Detroit MI, LaRue was raised by a single mother who exposed him early to the importance of giving back. He has committed his young life to youth development, leadership and community involvement. Additionally, he has been fortunate to travel around the world leading training workshops impacting youth locally, nationally and internationally.  Some places include traveling to Paris & Marseille France, South Africa, Shanghai & Hong Kong. Words he lives by are, ‘A small step is still a step. Keep moving forward.’

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