Job Shadowing at Atlanta City Hall, Office of Events by Taylor Dalton

My name is Taylor K. Dalton, and I am a sophomore in the UNL Atlanta Academy. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia nearly sixteen years ago. In 2012, I had the privilege of joining the New Look family. I have enjoyed learning not only about the four pillars but how they relate to me and my brand. Through New Look, I have been able to partake in a host of activities, from movie premiers to showcases. Over the past year and a half, I’ve received numerous awards. My awards range from the Best female Golfer award to the 1st place Oratorical accolade. I am most excited about being accepted into the Governor’s Honor’s Program, which I will attend this summer at Valdosta State University. Here is a little bit about my New Look job shadow last week at the City of Atlanta.

Usher’s New Look  is constantly providing its students with inspirational and educational activities. On Monday, April 10th, I was able to participate in one those events. UNL’s job shadowing day at Atlanta’s city hall was an eye opening experience. I met several people that were willing to help me along my journey. This experience showed me that there are many people outside of the New Look Family that are just as supportive and encouraging as New Look. I will never forget this wonderful experience.

2014-City of Atlanta Job Shadow-Taylor Dalton with Thank you SignOnce at City Hall, I was placed in the Office of Events. The Office of Events gives permits to those hosting outdoor activities and assemblies. There are five very important people working in that department. Their names are Lorraine, Andre, Jessica, Cheyanne, and Ebony. Lorraine’s title is the Special Events Manager. Lorraine reports to Ebony, the Director of the Office of Events. Andre is the Senior Event Coordinator and Jessica is an Event Coordinator. Last but not least, there’s Cheyanne; she wears many hats within the office.

I gained valuable experience and useful information from this job shadow. The Office of Events taught me that to be successful, I need to believe in myself, have gratitude and humility, persistence, and organizational skills. Ebony, the director, told me that journaling every night for ten minutes was the best way for me to grow and learn from my past. She said that no matter what path I choose to go down in life, my journals would help me. Starting today, I will be journaling. Thank you City of Atlanta!