Job Shadowing at Castle Painting by Atlanta Academy Youth Que-J Brown

Que-J Brown is an 11th grade Atlanta Academy Member from West Lake High School. His sparks are business, engineering, modeling and drawing. With a career goal in entrepreneurship, Que J is also passionate about fashion marketing and acting. His outgoing personality allows him to be an inspiration to his peers and inspire others to dream big. Last week Que-J was able to job shadow New Look partner Miguel Castillo, owner of Castle Painting and Remodeling in Atlanta. Check out this reflection from his experience!2014-Castle Painting Job Shadow-Laura Castillo with Alexandria Evans and Que-J Brown-3

Miguel Castillo is the owner of Castle Painting and a family oriented man. Last week, I had the opportunity to job shadow Miguel and his unstoppable rising company. It was a great learning experience, but also a great feeling to be able to grasp an inside look on his business and thoughts. Conversing with Miguel was quite interesting, as he is very wise. We kicked it off automatically when we met, and I soon found out we shared similar outlooks on life and on the world. Miguel has a great  philosophy that he remains true to. He told me, ‘No matter where you stand in the pyramid of life, you are no less important than the person on top…Life is like a circle; What goes around must come back around.’ What I saw through my own eyes, was that he does not try to show that his job is more important than the people who work for him or work with him. He shows the highest gratitude to everyone he interacts with. From the people that clean up at a food establishment, to those who just work a hard 9 to 5 job everyday– He sees them all as his equals. Miguel’s father told him to be an honest man in life, so he works hard to stay true to what his father told him. Castle Painting is his business established in 1999 in Atlanta. As just one man, he put his all into creating this rising business, and it has strategically evolved into an outstanding establishment that I can guarantee will live up to it’s name and purpose. Castle Painting will never blend with the rest of Corporate America, because in that industry, which lacks color and life, his establishment is bursting with color! Miguel paints a grand picture for his customers through his services, which offer a more personal approach to the business of home design. He gives customers a little castle touch to their homes and establishments– Offering only the best quality services, and nothing less. I very much enjoyed my day job shadowing Miguel Castillo. I learned so much from this man and left inspired to work hard to create my own business someday. It was an experience I will never forget. Thank you!